2D Raytracer

This is a ray tracer project I am current working on in C++ and DirectX. You can grab the source code here.

The idea is to try a simple approach to ray tracing by shooting rays randomly and then building a scene from the resulting collision points. Imagine a blanket laid out on the scene that you are viewing from the viewport. The result is a generalized reproduction of the scene being rendered, that occurs every frame. This will allow for some interesting applications not seen in other ray-tracers like real time ray tracing. The first step was to render a few boxes in 2D and then move on to a 3D version.

This project is experimental and may actually take more time to render a scene than a traditional ray-tracer, and is unrelated to the Raytracing application I wrote at Waterloo.

Some sample screenshots of a single frame:

200 rays hitting some boxes.

The resulting scene that is rendered from the points produces

Hope you enjoy!