Cell (2006)

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Controls: keypad to move, space to eat (open and close your mouth). Once you have a Prot (object on your ring, ie. a worm or fish) you can click the Prot to enable it and drag it to move it. If your health runs passed 0 then the level will restart. If your stuck, explore and try to eat different things. To create a Prot you have to eat Prits (edible objects) in the correct order. As an example, there is an underwater area where you need to eat 3 worms to create a Prot, make sure you eat the three worms in order (not eating anything else in between, with your mouth open). Then close your mouth and you should have a Worm Prot on your ring.

This is one of my flash games called Cell (originally Prits and Prots). This game was written in ActionScript 3.0 and was ported from a similar C++ prototype I made.

[screenshot from the game: Cell]

This game was an attempt to create a "pacman" physics based game, where the object of the game was to collect objects by eating them and combining them to help advance through levels. The world wraps in all directions so there aren't any walls in this game and the player can advance by completing a level objective and moving across the world in any direction. The new level will "magically" appear.

This game appears to be more complete than my other flash game Mom (it has life, death, and sound!) But it can run really slow at times especially when you want to display some interesting scenes with a web browser. This is the original idea that was eventually made into Mom. Like Mom, this game runs on a grid based system where different objects interact depending on different situations. Eventually this game became too large to handle and I found that I needed to make something more complete and less of a headache in the future so the project has now been moved to Mom.

For more information about how this game is made please look here