The Pigeon Game

A note before you play: The controls are the keypad to move, space to fly (hit repeatedly), and x to "attack", but you must be flying to attack. Note that if you hit an enemy (dog or cat) you will die and the only way to restart is to refresh the page. Click on tiles can change them.

Click here to play the game!

This is a flash game called Pigeon (taken from my wife's love for pigeons). This game was writting in ActionScript 3.0 in early 2007 for my wife.

[screenshot from the game: Pigeon]

There are a ridiculous amount of bugs with this game. The game contains a grid system for displaying tiles. The dogs and cats have some buggy AI. The cats are supposed to run away from the dogs and the dogs are supposed to run after a cat or a ball. And both are to run after you. There is height for tiles in the game and you have to be careful not to get stuck on a tile with infinite height. There are clipping issues with the tiles but it still looks rather clean most of the game.

Flying controls and "attacking" are way too anoying and need to be changed. Hope you like it otherwise.